The online registration form is available further down on this page. Registration is open and prices are set. The bank account details are published here. After you have registered, you will need to sum up your own amount to pay. Please ensure you enter the correct email address or we will not reach you.

You can register for the following items. The prices are listed below.

  • Gasshuku participation adult/youth/child – SEK 1200:-
  • Sayonara party – SEK 350:-
  • T-shirt – SEK 175:-
  • Dan gradings – the fee for these is to be paid via the GKI shop. As part of that you register all your details there. There is also manual there to follow for applying to a Dan grading (pdf). So you need to register both here and via the GKI for the Dan gradings. If this is unclear just drop us an email and we will explain.

After you have completed your registration, please pay promptly as we are now approaching the dates of the gasshuku. You will find payment info here. Note that the number of participants are limited to 150. So make sure you reserve your place! The current number of registered participants are listed at the bottom of this page.

You can reach us at

If the above form does not work as embedded above for you, you can access it directly here.

Number of people registered so far

Here you can see how many people have registered so far. Maybe some more statistics will be added later.