So, where to stay while in Stockholm for the GKI Gasshuku? This page is currently work-in-progress and more info will be added.

One really good thing is that the location of the Dojo is by Gullmarsplan which is an intersection of north-south subways lines, the east-west tram and a multitude of bus-lines. So local travel is well-connected. In addition to the this, the south island of the city named Södermalm is within walking distance across the bridge northbound from the dojo. So in a sense it comes down to budgets, as things so often do.

At this point we have not made any special deals with any place. On this page we will update with information about hotels, camping and hostels very soon.


The organization STF – Svenska Turistföreningen have some hostels within the city itself. The first link for each one is pointing to a search for a booking for two persons August 14-18. The second link is to the homepage for each hostel. The landing pages are in Swedish.

Af Chapman
Vandrarhemmet af Chapman

Then there is Mosebacke hostel that is also on the Södermalm island.

A bit more distant, about 40 minutes travel with public transportation to the dojo, there is Klubbensborg.


As a start you should be aware that there are a lot of hotels in and around Stockholm. So you can explore via the map a, if you type Enskedehallen in the search box at the map, you will get the dojo highlighted. In the below we list some examples of hotels, without saying that they are the best for you.

Within walking distance

Along the tramline – east-west of Gullmarsplan

  • to be added

Along the subway line

Hotels north of the dojo

If you take the subway northbound from the Dojo, you are entering the city which has very many hotels to choose from. You want to stay in the city then a hotel on the island Södermalm on which the first three northbound stops are: Skanstull, Medborgarplatsen and Slussen. There you will also find a large selections of restaurants and pubs.

Hotels south of the dojo

Southbound on the subway from the dojo, you find the suburbs.